Cal Guapo

I assume you’ve parked your car and you’re ready for action. Now I’ll guide you to a square where I used to spend hours playing football when I was little. I don’t know whether Joan Miró ever played there, but the kids of my age who went to Cal Guapo, your first goal, did.

Here’s the first riddle:

I won’t make it difficult to get to the place of that name,
as it’s the starting point for the game.
Just find your way to the Plaça Joan Miró.
And when you get there, you’re ready to go!

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Another chromatic riddle,
as Cal Guapo is a brightly coloured house.

Do you know the answer already?

Give us a clue!!!

We’re asking you for a colour. Take a good look at the walls you can see, not just the façade!

Give us the answer!!!

On the side wall you’ll find this entrance crowned by these gorgeous blue tiles.

So the answer is: