Ecotourism, walking and wine tourism in Catalonia: book local with us!


This year we have started our collaboration with CEN Association (Association for the Conservation of  Natural Ecosystems) to offer you the possibility to participate in active ecotourism. And during this summer you can take part in the white-clawed crayfish conservation in Prades mountain range, and unknown nature reserve in Southern Catalonia.

You will participate in a refreshing and night population survey of the white-clawed crayfish, go hunting the red swamp crayfish and  enjoy a night guided walk up to the peak of  Prades Mountains.

And keep in mind that 5% of the price of the activity will be a donation to the conservation projects of CEN Association.

Meritxell Omella Aznar

Meritxell Omella Aznar

Director and guide of El Brogit. Expert walker of the mountains of southern Catalonia and very knowledgeable about the wines and wineries of the region. Expert in ecotourism and network of paths projects. Cofounder of Ludi Artis, working on touristic gamification projects.

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