Ecoturisme, senderisme i enoturisme a Catalunya: reserva els nostres guies locals!



We have ended 2014 really happy of all the tough work done, which has achieved an award: the IInd Awards of Responsible Tourism in Catalonia, in the category of Best initiative to stimulate local economy.Since the foundation of our company, in 2006, we have strongly believed in our territory, our landscape, our rich and higly diverse natural and cultural heritage, our high quality local products and our people. A very unknown territory, also for the Catalan people themselves, but such a great place to live or spend a holiday, short or long, it doesn’t matter.

Our mediterranean region has been inhabitated from ancient times, creating a human-made landscape in constant change, from wild forest to crops, from crops back to the forest. So walking our stunning territory means enjoying and “savouring” not only the landscape but also all the local products of high quality being cultivated and elaborated, getting to know close up the people and the history strongly linked to the paths we walk.

And one of the activities we organised on February 2014 was in Corbera d’Ebre, where the cruel impact of the Ebre Battle (of the Spanish Civil war) is still visible nowadays in the old village bombed by the dictator Franco. We guided a walk up to Cavalls mountain range, scenery of the fights and with great views over the region, we came down to learn how to prune a vine in the vineyards of Frisach winery, we enjoyed a wine tasting of organic wines in the beautiful location of Santa Madrona chapel, we savoured a delicious local lunch of clotxa (traditional lunch of the peasants), we played a traditional local game and ended the day visiting the old village.

One person attending the activity, who really enjoyed the day, decided to nominate us to the Responsible Tourism Awards, and we won in one of the categories! A big thank you to everybody that come to our activities, dedicate their time to us, enjoy the day or holiday with us and tell the others! We keep working hard this 2015!

Meritxell Omella Aznar

Meritxell Omella Aznar

Directora i guia de El Brogit. Caminadora experta de les muntanyes del sud de Catalunya i amb un ampli coneixement dels vins i cellers de la regió. Experta en projectes ecoturístics i projectes de xarxes de camins. Cofundadora de Ludi Artis, on participa en projectes de gamificació turística.

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