Let’s leave the school behind and go in search of somewhere more bohemian!

We’ll pass by the home of an distinguished but not so well known inhabitant of Mont-roig. Let’s see if by chance he was a childhood friend of the person we’re looking for!

We’ll go straight the street
up there and to the right we turn
upon encountering some trees,
until we find Cintu’s home.

Information: Jacint Salvadó was another inhabitant of Mont-roig who dedicated his life to painting. He began his career on the canvases when he contracted malaria as a child (the rice fields that brought wealth to the village meant there were a lot of mosquitos) and could do nothing else but paint. As a young man, he moved to Paris, where he befriended Picasso and Dérain (and for whom he acted as a model for his harlequins!). He soon became one of the most promising painters of his generation. He worked in different styles (expressionism, abstract, etc.) and remained active throughout his life, producing world-renowned works until the very end, although he remains an underrated artist in his homeland. In Mont-roig he was known as Cintu Quadrus… (Cintu who paints “quadrus”, which means paintings).


Write without accent marks!

Do you know the answer already

Give us a clue!!!

The only thing that can help you here is the commemorative plaque! Have you seen that it has a lot of words and every word has a lot of letters?

And above all, write in capital letters and without accent marks!

Give us the answer!!!

Each group of numbers determines, first of all, the word you have to choose and, secondly, the letter to select. Taken together the chosen letters will form a word. So for the given sequence, the transcription is: