I’d better put on my glasses as now all that’s left is to take the letters we’ve found and find out the surname!

We’ve nearly solved the mystery. Don’t let me down now!

Information: The person in the photo, whose name is Antoni and whose last name we want to find out, was a doctor in biological sciences and Catalan chemist devoted to oceanographic research. He collaborated with different countries on this task. In 1966 he was asked by Belgium to take part in what would be a constant study of Antarctica. In 1984 and 1986 he coincided with the eminent Catalan scholars Josefina Castellví, Marta Estrada, Agustí Julià, and Joan Rovira on different missions to the icy continent. He was one of the instigators of Spain committing to its own base and being able to take part in the Antarctic study treaties in 1988. And do you know the most important thing of all? He was from Mont-roig!

Try and put the letters you found earlier into the correct order to see the surname.
Here’s a reminder of them:
A L S T E E B R L 

Do you know the answer already?

Give us a clue!!!

Still need more clues? His name begins with B and ends in R and with that name you need to have very good aim!

Give us the answer!!!

We’re talking about the oceanographer and chemist Antoni Ballester Nolla. So the answer is: