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Conreria d’Scaladei, a virtual Priorat experience


  • Enjoy a virtual experience and connect with our guide in Priorat and our wine experts
  • Discover and ask anything you wanted to know about Priorat history, culture and gastronomy, about the wines you are tasting, about any advice before you are able to travel again,…
  • Relax at home and savour our wines, and let your mind fly to Priorat with our help

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Conreria d’Scaladei, a virtual Priorat experience

Conreria d’Scaladei winery was founded in 1997 by three friends, a winemaker, a teacher and a priest in historical hamlet of Escaladei, the cradle of the Priorat. Their wines are a true reflection of the history and culture of this wine region.

With this box of Conreria d’Scaladei winery, we want to show you the history of Priorat. Starting with the most famous white wine of Priorat, Les Brugueres, a white grenache following the old tradition of white wines in Scaladei (Vin Blanc). We will then continue with Les Brugueres Negre, a red wine, new bouquets and taste following the traditional way of winemaking. And finally, we will enjoy Iugiter, with shows the tradition and soul of Priorat brought into the XXIth Century.

And how we will enjoy this Priorat virtual wine experience? It is going to be a bit different from our “normal offline” tours… but we want to keep the exclusivity, the one-to-one direct and personal communication, we want to keep connecting you with our territory, our people, our life. So that’s the way it works:

  • You choose the box/boxes and wine experience you would like to order
  • Proceed to check out and payment
  • We will tell you once we receive the order and when the shipment is made
  • Once you get the wine at your home, please email us with different date and time options, so we can check our guide and our wine expert availability
  • On the set day and time, be on your own or with your family and friends, get your wines ready, connect with us and be prepared for an online wine experience!

Services included

  • 1 box with 6 bottles of DOQ Priorat wines from Conreria d’Scaladei winery: 2 x Les Brugueres white + 2 x Les Brugueres red + 2 x Iugiter (red)
  • You will also get a bit of Priorat terroir in your box, so you can feel our vineyards
  • Shipping to your home (shipping costs vary depending on the final destination)
  • Private online meeting with our guide and the winery owner/winemaker/wine tasting expert (depending on the availability and on the winery)
  • Completely interactive online experience, you are joining a private conversation with us, so feel free to ask any question about our destination, travel recommendations, the wines, the tasting,… during the whole session.




The date of the private online meeting will be set once you get your box of wine, contact us and check our availability to find the best date for all of us.

Payment conditions

Secure online payments by Redsys gateway powered by our bank. In case of cancellation of tour/travel services due to any unavoidable reasons we must be informed in writing (email). Cancellation charges would be effective from the date we receive the email and would be as follows:

  • Cancellation 14 to 8 days prior to arrival – 15% of the tour/service cost.
  • Cancellation 7 days to 48 hours, prior to arrival – 25% of the tour/service cost.
  • Cancellation 48 hours before or no show – NO REFUND.


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