Welcome to Mont-roig!

Hello, my name’s Roca. I’ve lived in Mont-roig all my life and I’m a passionate investigator of the mysteries and the people of my hometown. Today I’m looking for the identity of an eminent resident of the town, but I only know his first name, Antoni. I’m sure if we search in some of the most interesting places in Mont-roig we’ll discover his full name. Would you like to help me identify him?

There are two parts to the game:

1. I’ll tell you how to get to some of the most interesting, but least known places in Mont-roig and then you’ll have to find them. But don’t worry, if you really can’t find what you’re looking for, you can request the location and click on the link for Google Maps! One more thing. I have to warn you, I’m very fond of riddles!

2. You’ll have to solve the riddles to move forward. You can use a clue or, if you’re really stuck, you can ask for the solution. Remember to always write the answer in capital letters and without leaving any blank spaces in between! Another thing, the first time you’re asked to “Save password”, click on “Never” and you won’t be asked again. Shall we start with the first trial riddle?

What colour is the rock from which the town takes its name?

Do you know the answer already?
Give us a clue!!!

The colour’s in the name of the town.

Remember to write it all in capital letters!

Give us the answer!!!