Could it be that our character first became interested in marine life while watching the creepy-crawlies in the washtubs and the irrigation channel where I’m about to take you? Let’s go and have a look and see what you think!

Here’s the riddle!

To the left of the way we’ve just come,
there are some walled vegetable gardens,
that we pass through a narrow passage
before we come to some magnificent buttresses.

Information: On the Camp de Tarragona plain, the irrigation system fed by underground springs was vital for the cultivation of the orchards and vegetable gardens. One example is the Les Hortes spring that supplied the washhouse, which also gave it its name. The water from that spring continues along the Horta Canal (Sèquia), irrigating more vegetable gardens and passing, now channelled, through a cool passageway under the buttresses that support an old wall.

What an unusual rock embedded in the wall!
If you find it, the buttresses, first on the right
and then on the left,
will give you the code.

(3 digits)

Do you know the answer already?

Give us a clue!!!

To get to the rock you’ve gone past a lot of buttresses and there are a few more after you’ve passed it.

Give us the answer!!!

You’ll find the answer by counting the buttresses until you get to the rock (there are 18) and then count those that come after it (4).

Join the two numbers and you will get the code: