It’s a beautiful place, isn’t it?

Well look at that! Our investigation has brought us back to where we started! That’s not a bad thing as there are some very interesting things to see around here, and no doubt we’ll find more clues to help us find our person.

Ah, and of course the riddle!

Shall we continue along the water course
and go up an alley,
in the car park we’ll look out over,
the square where we began our mission.

Information: Formerly known as Plaça de l’Església (Church Square) and later as Plaça Castelar (Castelar Square), since 1979 it has been known as Plaça Joan Miró in sincere homage to the world-famous artist who found his source of inspiration in Mont-roig. This is where you’ll find the Església Vella (Old Church) dating from the 12th century and now a Cultural Centre and Information Point, the adjacent Avall Gate and the bell tower, originally a defensive tower.

Only the white façade of the old church will let you solve this riddle.

Do you know the answer already?

Give us a clue!!!

Have you seen the WHITE façade of the church a geometric figure with five columns hanging from it?

Does this figure bear any relation to the message of the riddle?

Give us the answer!!!

If you look closely, the tympanum at the entrance to the church is a triangle from which the five columns descend and we know that the façade is white. So we have a white triangle and five lines. If you follow the logic of the figures in the riddle, the code is obtained from the number of corners on the triangle, followed by the first letter of the colour and the number of lines.

Therefore, the code is: