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Meritxell, directoria i guia de El Brogit Meritxell, director and guide of El Brogit

I’m Meritxell, the soul of el Brogit, a biologist and curious walker. I love nature and the old paths which were until recently the big highways of the past, connecting villages, springs, chapels, country houses,… I’m a qualified and experienced guide, specially in the mountains of southern Catalonia, registered in the Official Sport Professionals Registry of Catalonia. On 2013 I started the new project of being also a travel agency, to offer you the whole experience in our territory, working with local companies of guides, welcoming accommodations and restaurants, wineries, local producers, local transfers…

Cartography and language are also my main interests. I have studied very different languages, like Arabic and Russian, but the ones I speak most fluently are English and German, beginning to awaken my French. Walking lets me observe nature, deepening my knowledge of the flora, fauna and ecosystems. Exploring, researching, discovering and restoring our incredible heritage of old bridle paths is my other passion. And finally, I really enjoy getting to know who’s behind the great wines of Priorat, Conca de Barberà, Terra Alta, Penedès,… savouring them and helping you to discover all them and connect with their local producers. 

Josep Palet, naturalista al Priorat Josep, naturalist guide in Priorat

Josep Palet
Naturalist and guide in Priorat, but also in Prades mountains and other hidden spots in southern Catalonia. He’s got a great knowledge of the flora, fauna, wines,… of his territory and a neverending passion to transfer all this knowledge to you.

Jordi_Bru_fotografia Jordi, naturalist and photography guide

El Jordi Brú
Biologist and nature enthusiast, who is always capturing nature from any possible angle with his camera. With him you can discover all the secrets that your camera hides, even the one of your mobile!

Come and discover with El Brogit team...

…hidden spots of great beauty, the natural and cultural heritage of our rural areas, the wines and gastronomy, … in a fun and healthy way while also enjoying the beauty and calm of the scenery around you.

After all, the best way to savour our territory is exploring it at a slow pace by walking, biking,… or from winery to winery enjoying the scenery driven by our local guide.