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Looking for the old footpaths!

Looking for the old footpaths!

Projects of ecotourism and ancient bridle paths network

Ecotourism in our company it is a lot more than just showing our territory and explaining our history, natural and cultural heritage, tradtions,… to tourists. We also love doing a neverending research on the old footpaths network that linked our villages, until not so long ago (in some villages, the first roads where build in the 1960s!). They are great ways to discover not only our territory but also our history by the stories of our grandparents that happened in those trails.We also like networking with other local companies and promoting our mountains by new ecotourism projects, some linked to Natural Parks, some just promoted by local companies trying to bring businesses joining everybody’s efforts.

Pratdip old path, in Mont-roig
Pratdip old path, in Mont-roig
Ancient path in Ascó
Sant Jeroni old path in Ascó

Path network projects

We have been working in several villages in the south of Catalonia, as well as in one comarca (group of several villages), to develop the footpath network and make it atractive to tourists. Building a project like this has several steps, that in our case, go from the very beginning, researching the old paths, to the very end, creating ecotourism experiences and marketing them to tourists:

  1. Research on ancient bridle paths, by old maps, old ortophotomaps of the 1956s, land registry maps, local history books, old people of the villages,…
  2. Research in the territory, fighting against the vegetation covering the old paths, recognising how difficult and/or expensive could it be to restore and use them again, discovering new ones that weren’t in all the researched documentation,…
  3. Office work, putting everything together, building the network so it makes sense both touristically and economically, creating the budget for cleaning, restoration of dry stone paths or walls when necessary, signposting,…
  4. Ecotourism work, at the very end, once the footpath network has been restored and signposted, to design activities and holidays attractive to both local and international tourists.

We have developed these type of projects in the villages of Mont-roig del Camp, comarca of Baix Camp, and Ascó, comarca of Ribera d’Ebre.
On both cases, it seemed quite impossible to create an attractive footpath network, as they had plenty of paved tracks or areas with no special interest (at least in theory!). But once we sank our curious noses into the old papers and maps we discovered beautiful areas and paths worth a visit.

We also participated in a bigger project, in the Baix Camp comarca,
designing the footpath network that linked all the villages, the signposting and also the travel ideas to visit the area. Are in other cities, like Reus and Vinyols i els Arcs.

Fem Parc Ecoturisme
Fem Parc ecotourism project
Meet european Project

Meet european Project
CoMeDPro agrotourism project
CoMeDPro agrotourism project

Ecotourism projects

In order to promote the rural areas and nature reserves of our incredible rich territory, we also participate in projects where we use all our expertise and knowledge of our territory. We have participated in the following projects, and continue working in new ones:

  • Fem Parc, an ecotourism project leaded by local administrations and nature reserves to promote sustainable tourism in some of the Natural Parks in Catalonia. The project has been developed in different ways depending on the area, but here in the south, in Montsant and Els Ports Natural Parks, promoting ecotourism and networking with local companies and producers was the main goal. Have a look at our Fem Parc page to see the different travel ideas designed in both Natural Parks.
  • Meet Project, that aims to promote ecotourism in the Mediterranean area. We have been working in this project networking with another catalan travel agency, Trek&Ride.
  • CoMeDPro project, an international project that will create national and international tourism routes to discover the local high quality wine, olive oil, handcrafted products,… in Catalonia, Sardinia and Israel.
  • Priorat Wine Tourism experience, an association created only by businesses trying to boost wine tourism in the Priorat region, by setting up a platform to promote and market wine tourism products and experiences. Have a look at the website to discover the Priorat region or explore our Priorat section with several travel ideas.
  • And more projects: