Ecotourism, walking and wine tourism in Catalonia: book local with us!


Summer has finally arrived! And, as every summer, we enjoy cooling off beginning our walks in the afternoon, enjoying the sunset from a nice spot while we eat our picnics and walking back under the moonlight, listening carefully to nature sounds. Do not hesitate to check our summer agenda in our walking website!

If you feel like walking a bit more and spend several days in the Pyrenees, we have created the perfect stay for you! Our local biologist will bring you to the hidden spots and valleys of the Pyrenees, introducing you to the thousand-year old tradition of medicinal herbs, UNESCO romanesque chapels, old cobbled footpaths,… You will be staying in a family hotel, where you will be able to enjoy delicious traditional food.

Have a great summer!

Meritxell Omella Aznar

Meritxell Omella Aznar

Director and guide of El Brogit. Expert walker of the mountains of southern Catalonia and very knowledgeable about the wines and wineries of the region. Expert in ecotourism and network of paths projects. Cofounder of Ludi Artis, working on touristic gamification projects.

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