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What is an Escape Room? And outdoors?

An Escape Room is a unique experience that will bring you to a world of phantasy. In just 60 minutes, you will have to use logical thinking, observation skills and work together as a team, facing all type of enigmas and games while trying to escape from the room you are locked in. It is an experience that enhances team connection, as you feel your adrenaline rising.

If we add the oportunity to enjoy a escape room outdoors, back to nature, the whole experience improves, integrating the discovery of a nature reserve, enjoying landscape and increasing the knowledge of our territory in an entertaining way. That’s why we created the first Escape Room Outdoors of Catalonia located in nature! We do not escape now from a room, there are no limits, and you become the principal actors of an adventure movie, changing scenery, location and moving forth to solve the mistery. Do you dare to participate in this mission?

Do you want to know more about Escape Room? Have a look at this Wikipedia article.

Find below the first Escape Room outdoors we developed on 2018, Joan Miró mission, in Mont-roig del Camp. And we are already developing new ones, keep an eye on this page!

We start a new activity on April 20th! With Moros a la costa!, we introduce you in the history of piracy in the Mediterranean sea. We need you to save our villages for the corsairs raids! Do you help us?

Tailor made Escape Room outdoors

We also offer the possibility to fully customize a escape room outdoors (or also indoors) according to the project, service, business, history, legend,… you want to communicate in a fun and active way. So do not hesitate to contact us to study your case, we are specialists in adapting our escape room or creating new ones that meet your requirements, rooms, number of visitors, budget….

For the set activities, we are also flexible to your needs:

  • Are you a big group? Do you want to enjoy a funny and different team building activity? El Brogit, together with Fix the History, give you the oportunity to enjoy a unique experience for big groups. An activity for groups of 15 to 24 people that combine healthy activity outdoors in one of the most espectacular spots of our territory. For bigger groups, do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Are you a small group? No worries, we try to adapt to your need and build the budget according to the number of people and location of the activity.

Do you need more info? Send us an email with your requests and needs!