Ecotourism, walking and wine tourism in Catalonia: book local with us!

Post-Covid19 ready

COVID 19 pandemic has dramatically changed the touristic agenda of all of us, in a 2020 year full of new visitors and bookings. Lockdown has radically changed our lives, keeping us at home and showing empty streets, with no tourists and no locals strolling around! While the number of COVID cases and deaths kept rising, nature kept going with the spring blossom, lots of plants and animals exploring lost territories now empty of human beings,…

However, after lockdown, slowly and with all health measures, we are really willing to leave our homes again, once we get to the “new normal” times. We know that travelling will certainly be different, COVID 19 has left (and is still leaving) its footprint on many aspects of our lives.

Since the very beginning, our philosophy at El Brogit has been cristal clear: we want to show our territory in a fully respectful way, promoting a sustainable tourism with a real economic impact on the region discovered with our trips, connecting our visitors with our local people, the ones living and feeling their territory, networking with local companies, often small and family-owned. Our activities and trips are highly diverse, from the ecotourism, interpretative walking, wine and gastronomic tourism, to the combination of walking with wine tourism (Trek&Wine), the Escape Rooms Outdoors in nature joining gaming and education,… but all of them have one thing in common: they take place outdoors, in nature, in small groups and often, private groups on request.

Now more than ever, we stick to our project and philosophy and want to share it with you, with activities and trips that let you enjoy nature, keep healthy and, at the same time, respect our territory and support all the small local businesses which are resisting this crisis, willing to welcome you again.

In the south of Catalonia, we started welcoming visitors (locals) already on the 11th of May, as it has been one of the areas less affected by COVID 19: it represents just the 10.4% of the total population, focused on some medium-sized villages and the rest spread in a vast mountain unspoilt territory sparkled with little hamlets. But as we knew it would take a bit longer until international visitors can reach our country, we first focused and updated our website with all COVID 19 information in Catalan and Spanish.

With the first international bookings already arriving, we are just updating our English website with all our post-COVID 19 health measures, activities, on-line and offline trips ideas and more. We will keep you updated!

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