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The hiking route of El Brogit de la Vall

The circular itinerary El Brogit de la Vall covers the villages of Capafonts, Rojals (Montblanc), la Riba and Mont-ral, in the counties of El Baix Camp, La Conca de Barberà and L’Alt Camp.El Brogit de la Vall follows the course of the river, from its source in the village of Capafonts to its mouth at the river Francolí, by the village of la Riba.

El Brogit de la Vall does not have specific trail signs, but it sometimes correspons exactly with the itinerary of several GR (Long Route), PR (Short Route), SL (Local path) and trail sections marked with stones. Have a look at these coincidences on this pdf document. The lack of specific trail signs is an added chalange for the undertaking of El Brogit de la Vall.

You don’t have to be an athlete to follow the itinerary of El Brogit de la Vall but you have to be fit. Some of the stages are long (more than 5 hours of effective walking) and have important climbs. Be aware of the mountain!

Throughout the trail, the hiker will walk along the several river stretches, not only from above but also near its course, and will discover the natural and cultural values associated with one of the best-preserved rivers in Catalonia.

The name El Brogit de la Vall stems from the river itself, the Brugent, which is the actual artery and common thread of this four-day route along its valley. You will hear the river’s murmur (brogit in Catalan) throughout the itinerary, fading in and out depending on the season and the distance you are from it.

We recommend you the hiking guide with map, which provides you with everything you need to know in order to carry out the route of El Brogit de la Vall. You will also get acquainted with some of the flora, fauna, history and legend which Brugent River Valley encompasses. You can buy it in the on-line shop of El Brogit de la Vall.

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